You are a Leader in Education.

Let us provide the tools you need to succeed.



The purpose of the Center for School Governance (CSG) is to support education professionals in their pursuit of continuing education in order to serve and educate students.

CSG provides educational resources and training to keep our leaders in compliance and prepared for success.

The Center for School Governance is your resource for continuing education and training throughout your service in the education space.

As superintendents, school board trustees and education leaders, we know your priority is to ensure that students graduate ready to be successful in life after high school. At the Center for School Governance, we strive to give you the knowledge, tools, and support to improve student outcomes through effective leadership.

CSG has assembled a team of professionals who have had long careers as:

  • Trustees
  • Teachers
  • Superintendents
  • Administrators
  • Government Leaders
  • Attorney Education

We look forward to working with you.