What We Offer

EISO – Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes

This training is required of all new school board members within the first 120 days of election, and again every two years.  Our team of TEA certified trainers can assist you with completing this requirement.

Team Building – Team of Eight

TEA requires 3 hours of team building training per year for all school board members and superintendents.

Board Operating Procedures (BOP)

Effective board operating procedures ensures that board members equip with their roles and responsibilities, the process reduces conflict, and assist board members with an adequate transition.

Governance Training Optimization (GTO)
GTO equips charter board members and school officers with high-quality materials that are aligned with board and officer training requirements contained in 19 TAC §100.1102-1105.

Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking and Other Maltreatment of Children

TEA requires 1 hour of child abuse prevention training every two years for all school board members and superintendents.

Title IX – Sexual Harassment

The Department of Education modified the regulations for school districts under Title IX in 2020.  Our trainers can help you and your staff meet all of the federal requirements.

Half Day Leadership Workshop

Available in your District.


Our training can help your district prepare and deal with a 21st-century cybersecurity threats.

Goal Setting

Make your Board as successful as possible.

Safety & Security (SB 11)

Make your district as safe as possible. We have the experience and knowledge to help you with your safety and security plan.


Our Trainers

Blake Powell
Rick Lambert
Jill S. Williams
Dr. Shaun Barnett
Kari Barnett
Richard Alvarado